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Facial Rejuvenation

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Facial Rejuvenation
Facial Rejuvenation services offered in Flushing and Chinatown, New York, NY

Facial rejuvenation restores a youthful, glowing complexion without surgery or other invasive methods of treatment. At HealthKey Group, with offices in Lower Manhattan and Flushing in Queens, New York, Nikki Yu, LAc, and the team use treatments like acupuncture, laser therapy, and facial peels to revitalize your look and help you feel your best. Call the nearest office or schedule an appointment online today. 

Facial Rejuvenation Q & A

What is facial rejuvenation?

Facial rejuvenation describes therapies that renew, regenerate, and revitalize your complexion. Your face is often where you notice the first signs of sun damage, aging, and other lifestyle choices. Facial rejuvenation therapies address wrinkling, pigment changes, rough texture, and overall dullness. 

HealthKey Group offers a number of different facial rejuvenation treatments that help you achieve smoother, clearer, and brighter skin. Your provider helps determine which treatments are right for your complexion goals.


What are my treatment options for facial rejuvenation?

The team works with you to assess your skin health and goals. You may choose from:

Microcurrent facial acupuncture

Acupuncture helps your body clear excess fluid from under your eyes, reducing a puffy, aged appearance. The treatment also effectively firms up jawline jowls. You’ll leave your treatment with a refreshed, glowing complexion.


Oxygen injection

Oxygen injections introduce oxygen into the skin via a hyaluronic acid-based serum. Hyaluronic acid is a natural compound you produce a lot of in your youth, but as you age, your production decreases. The oxygen injections introduce 90-95% concentrated oxygen into your skin. Air contains just 18-21% oxygen. The high concentrations, combined with hyaluronic acid, revolutionize your skin’s health and appearance.


Herbal peel

The Alex Cosmetic™ combination of herbs instantly refreshes and rejuvenates the skin. You choose from a B peel or C peel. Both peels are one-hour in-office treatments paired with five days of at-home care. Both provide complete skin regeneration.


Gua Sha (facial cupping)

This traditional Chinese healing method involves stroking and gently pressing your skin with a smooth-edged tool. It improves blood flow and lifts the skin. 


Picosecond laser

The picosecond laser treats birthmarks, sun damage, skin discoloration, acne scarring, and melasma. It works on all skin tones, including darker tones.


IPL (intense pulsed light)

IPL effectively reduces sun damage, age spots, freckles, birthmarks, varicose veins, and rosacea. Your provider delivers laser energy using a handheld device to break down pigmented cells.



A JetPeel uses a multi-step treatment system that combines water exfoliation, jet peeling, extractions, and infusion of nutrient-rich serums. The serums bathe your skin in anti-aging plant cells, antioxidants, hyaluronic acid, and peptides. A JetPeel treatment cleans, exfoliates, oxygenates, and nourishes your skin.


How often should I get facial rejuvenation therapies?

The team at HealthKey Group guides you as to which facial rejuvenation therapies are right for you and how often you should indulge. How often you receive facial rejuvenation depends on which procedure you’re undergoing. For example, laser treatments are more intense and should be spaced out by several weeks while the effects of a JetPeel can be experienced weekly.


Call HealthKey Group to find out more about facial rejuvenation or schedule an appointment online today.